Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life Goes On As It Never Ends.............

Well its not wrong.I thought running was like all heaving and suffering and stuff.It was for a couple of weeks.But now it feels so good running.I run for half an hour and all my tension like goes away.I feel fresher,get more ideas and can study better this way.Not to mention the health benefits of it.Its called the running effect or something.Oh i cant forget how many calories it burns and how great it is to lose weight.Happens due to happy harmones or something.Me bad at chem,so forgive any mistakes.
As for other developments.I have almost fought off procrastination.I love studying.Theres a joy in getting an answer to a difficult problem after troubling your brain for hours over it.I am yet to start learning the guitar again,which i left couple of months ago.I have successfully reduced ,my computer time to 15-20 minutes.Way to go Dhiraj.
If i can keep doing what i do and continue being regular following my time-table strictly,i should get to the top of the class soon.Hope that happens and i dont get lazy again.
To myself-congrats.To you people-always be like the phoenix.Rise from the ashes.You look ugly when you just rise from the ashes.As you grow up and fly,theres none as elegant and fast as you.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Results are out!!!!!!!!!!!
Okies so here comes the bombshell.I got a cupla arrears.Its crap blaming someone for something you did.But its a different story when you have no one to blame.We dint have staff for the subject i flunked in.Well i felt bad and all that for a coupla hours.Then broke free and ran out.Kept running.Dunno wot it was.The happy harmones that running releases or whatever,i felt much more relaxed.Then a cupla seniors told me it was no big deal.So i guess i simply go about doing my work.And of course not fail ever again.Guess i'll keep doing my regular studying and exercise stuff unlike last year when i was farthest from regular.Exam time studies don't help i guess and i have learnt that presentation plays a very important role in the marks you get.So i'll concentrate on that.And i'll try my level best to pariticipate in the inter-college badminton championship.
So here we go.I don't feel upset anymore.I stay regular and sincere.I get my body in good shape as soon as possible .The rest follows.
And despite many such resolutions before,i have decided to blog regularly at last.I think it helps to put down stuff that happens everyday and your conclusions about them.It might or might not help others,but gives you a sense of pride in completing that smallest piece of work or that smallest achievement of yours.And its a great read after a few years.Heres to regular blogging....
Oh and did i mention my latest interest.Long distance cycling it is.I find it in me to do it.I dont get bored doing it and do 50kms every weekend.It feels really great.I guess ill keep going at it and try participating in some marathons next year.
So i have a lot to do.So i'm gonna be more productive and reduce my idle time in front of the pc.Half the work done.Will tell you how its going tomorrow.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heres a long due update.I thought i couldnt even live a day without my computer a.k.a my wife as she is called at my house(well i named 'him' black beauty in the first place,but well i should have a chosen a gender specific name-my fault).
Ok.So as for what i have been doing.I visited a couple of companies for just checking how stuff worked and well had a rocking time.
First i came to know the joy of being holed out(Basically you'll always find me holed in with my wife aka bb.So the opposite of it is holing out).I usually complained about the lack of facilities over here in chennai to do what i wanted to do.Well i guess its all about how badly you want to do something.So i started playing badminton after ages.I was being hit around like a dog in the first week.Then from somewhere inside ,the old lost game came around and it was smooth sailing.I kept playing for 5-7 hours a day and felt really great about it.I went to the beach every other day and well basically i learnt the joy of being outside.It was so much fun and really good for my overweight body.Now i am back home.I am updating this draft that i started after ages,so forgot half of what i wanted to say.Anyways the complaining is back.So i joined a fitness studio.I jog around the block in the morn.Trying hard to find an indoor court to play badminton around here.Basically im at peace with myself.I dont get irritated easily anymore.And i can give my 100% in the 3 hours that i study everyday.So its soo much fun.
This vacation was the sweetest one.It taught me a lot.And well my trip to mahabaleshwar and the one with my friends to kashid beach shud keep me charged to go through this year.Oh i'm yet to get a mobile fone/digital camera.So couldnt share a lotta pics about stuff that took place.I will share them someday.Waiting to get one.As for now i have 2 things to do -Study well and stay in good shape.Guess the rest will follow

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

mudhal naal indru(unnale unnale)

This song rockz

Friday, May 04, 2007

नमस्ते दोस्तों । यह पोस्ट में हिंदी में लिख रहा हूँ ताकी गूगल के इस सुविधा का भी लाभ उठाया जाये।इस में बहुत ख़ुशी है कि गूगल ने ऐसे एक सुविधा बनायी । अब हर कोई अपने विचारों को वेबलॉग/ब्लोग के द्वारा दुनिया के साथ बाँट सकेगा।भारतीय भाषाओं कि भी कद्र कि जा रही है.में उस दिन का इंतज़ार कर्ता हूँ जब हर भारतवासी अपनी मातृभाषा में अपनी विचारों को प्रकट कर सकेगा। और में गूगल से ये विनती कर्ता हूँ कि इस ट्रांस्लितेरेशन के द्वारा कर भारतीय भाषा का अनुवाद मुमकिन करें । क्यों कि हमारे देश वासियों को दुनिया से बाथ ने के लिए बहुत सारे विचार हैं। और इससे हमारी पारम्परिक भाषाओं का संरक्षण भी होगा।मेरी मातृभाषा तो तमिल है।मैं तो उसी दिन का इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ जब में अपनी मातृभाषा में गर्व से लिख सकूं।अब क्यों कि हमारे बहुत दोस्तों को हिंदी नहीं आता,में इस पोस्ट का आखरी भाग अँगरेज़ में लिख रहा हूँ।
Hello ppl,
Now you might be wondering why it took so loooooong till this post.Actually,there may be millions of reasons.But i think mostly it was because i had nothing to write.Well i have been having my study holidays since the 19th of last month.And honestly speaking to myself haven't been studying as some of my classmates might be studying.Now as you very well know of my habits of procrastination,you will understand this to be normal.But i feel like i'm cheating myself.I keep telling myself,i'll study tomorrow.And many tomorrows have passed putting me here.To remind i even took the help of the gud fellos at 43things.Mebbe nothing works for my dumb self.Now atlast when theres 4days left for the exams ,i realise my folly and i have a lotta time(:( ) to fix it.Now you might be wondering why i bug u with all this.Precisely the reason being,i don't want anyone to be like me.It's like an intoxication,once you start postponing things,it becomes an addiction , a habit,in fact its a killing habit.I think nobody should be like that.Nobody should reach a chronic situation as mine.So atlast now i awake and have decided to study like a dog.No problems.I know i'll get a good score,but do i need this.I mean i could have done it in a relaxed manner long long ago.I never did.Actually i had meticulously made a timetable which if i had followed i would have completed studying all my portions now.I feel so shitty now.I believe i really like the song "In The End" from Linkin Park because it so accurately describes my condition(some parts of the song).But im not falling to lose it all.And I m winning.But thing is its taken its toll on my health-Studying like hell i mean.So i have made this last resolution to quit postponing things and lead a regular life and quit internet addiction.Its the last effort with all the will power from an intoxicated addicted young man.Hope it works.I'll let you know soon if its working.Else I am doomed.
Luv you world
p.s. post comments if there are any errors in my hindi post.I m using it for the first time and am in a hurry.So please forgive for any errors.चलो इस मौक़े पर एक शायरी हो जाये
भूल कर अगर हमसे कोई भूल हुई हो
तो उसे भूल समझकर भुला देना
लेकिन भूलाना सिर्फ भूल को
गलती से भी हमें ना भूला देना

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hmm i was rummaging through my old stuff ,whcn i came across this written on the last page of one of my notebooks.
the key to any successful negotiation is public opinion.if the 'terrorists' had highlighted their plight using media den public sympathy wud hav bin on their side,now they kill innocents,recruit innocents to kill other innocents,defeating d purpose of life.They hav made a large part of d world opposed to their own religion wen islam preaches only love,wen will this foolishness end,how many lives more do we lose???
I seem to have written this in anger after one of the terrorist attacks.Mebbe i was immature then,but i guess the observations are perfectly correct.Kudos to my immature and young mind,hehe.But i guess we all need to think about it

Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey ppl
Ooooopsss,its bin 6 days since i posted.Feel bad for that.Coz i can't keep everything inside of me.I need to throw it out somehow.I used to write journals,gud old fashioned ones before.Now its blogging.Lets c now.Last post was on saturday rite?K,we had our university exams on monday(engg practices-yewww!!-carpentry,plumbing/welding,lathe&electrical/electronics lab).Saturday was cool coz i dint study.Then came sunday,I realise my electronics records lost.Thank god i had another record,so i had to write the whole damn thing again.I was really afraid,my heart was beating like hell really madly.Thankfully we had our practicals in the afternoon and i was able to complete the record by 11am.Then came the next daunting task of roaming behind professors to get stuff signed.Lies ,lies more lies............excuses for not getting the work done earlier.I lie to myself and to the world.
Then as I am as I am,I din't do anything until tuesday evening,when i started urgently drawing graphs and the like for the next practical record.I have got tired of this life.I'm in love with gandhigiri(actually Gandhi's principles as adopted to the modern day life as shown in Lage Raho Munnabhai) you know.Because i have started hating myself for lying so often.That movie Lage Raho Munnabhai made me think.I can carry off lies pretty well.And i consider myself a very good liar.Now as i say it i feel ashamed not proud.Then why was i lying,doing something i hated myself for doing.So i dug myself up.And heres something i discovered.Procrastination was the root cause of all these lies,everything.Everyone tends to procrastinate a little.But some people start hating their life so much or become so tired of everything,that they start shying away from it.They,why use they,i'll use me.Well i unkowingly put away things i dont like doing for things i like doing.It gives me temporary pleasure.But at what cost.I end up watching a movie before my exam on the next day and keep telling myself i'll take care of it the next day.And the next day is gonna be crap.Then you get used to being shouted at.You get so used to lying,living a life of deceit ,that you think it is a life.But peace always evades you.So i identified the cause ,now most people won't agree that they procrastinate.They will have to realise that first if they want to have a happy and peaceful life.One tip i can give you is use timetables and schedules.Write them and follow them.I repeat write them as you tend to put it away if u plan it mentally.And I was surprised to find a very detailed analyis of this here in wikipedia of all places.The symptoms were perfect matched me like hell.And it does gve great solutions to get out of the mess too.And it works believe me.I have put off procrastination.I have procrastinated procrastination .But i guess thats good. And i find myself so much at peace with myself.I love my life now.A life of truth and peace.Its so nice .I have decided to be like this forever.Hope i will.Hope i wont procrastinate posting over here again.Hope you people will find peace and solace sometime too.Believe me lies lead to more of them and misery.So end it as soon as i can.Get help.Get a life.Until next time
Part 2
Hey ppl
I happened to see this great movie called Unnale Unnale.Its a really cool movie from jeeva.Its reminiscent of his previous movie Ullam Ketkumae,which i love to this day.I love movies that are real.Stuff that happens in life.The picturisation was awesome.So was the story and well many people din't like the climax ,but in my opinion,it was the best ending.My verdict would be to go and see it.Hey and see more off the run movies.Once you get the hang of it,you'll hate commercial movies.Some of the unconventional movies are really cool.They show you that the budget doesnt make a difference in a movie.I dont need to say anything about Mozhi.It was another super cool movie.But in my opinion,it Jyothikas character was over sensitive.But overall the movie was great.Well dats me.I love movies a lot.But i prefer what i call "real" movies.Cya then folks